Why Do People in a Relationship Gain Weight?

Maybe you’ve noticed that you or your loved ones might have gotten a little chubby, and you’re probably wondering why. Well, in simple terms, you gain weight in a relationship because you fell in love! 

Once you find your mate and get to be more relaxed around them, you might let yourself go a little. When you’re in a relationship, it’s like you subconsciously realize that you don’t have to look your best anymore because you don’t have to woo. You’ve settled, and you feel comfortable with your partner.

Also, the reason can be that you are eating better now. Having a scheduled meal that you share with someone, no matter if you two are ordering food or making it together, can be the culprit that makes you loosen your belt a bit.

The Culprit of Love Weight 

When you start dating someone, one easy thing you can do to get to know them and easily connect with them is to go and get some food to eat. Everybody loves eating, and when you are with someone new, you will probably spend a lot of time eating away from home at new and exotic restaurants or even fast food joints.

One of the best pieces of dating advice on how to bond with your partner and how to get to know them is to take them to lunch. It’s a practical and popular activity among people of all walks of life. But eating out can easily turn into an unhealthy habit. Not only that, but it can also hurt your wallet, especially if both of you love food. If you are not careful with what and where you eat, it might get you a ’lil chubby. But no worries! A little love weight never hurt anyone.

Since you two are probably spending a lot of time together, you might pick up each other’s traits and habits, like snacking often or eating late. Sometimes, people eat at different times of the day, and a change in their routine could make them gain weight. Still, it’s not too bad of a thing as long as you are still thinking of yourself and trying to keep yourself healthy. Remember — there are other couple activities that you two can do together.

On the contrary, for some, falling in love made them lose weight.

It’s Not Too Late 

You might not be all too happy with the weight you gained, but luckily, the two of you can work on it and exercise together as a couple’s activity. Exercising is also a good way of bonding. Maybe even better than eating together.

Now that you’ve let go and got a little bit chonky, the first thing you need to do and is to realize you have unhealthy habits. Then, you can start trying to fix that. Try and remember what your diet was like before, and start taking small steps towards your goal. 

Next comes the hard part — getting your partner to exercise with you. Maybe they are not the ones who need it, but if you feel like you need support and someone to do it with, try and get them to join you. It’s a great activity to do together, and it’s not half as bad as it sounds. It can even be super fun! 

You can organize what to do. For example, you can go for a comfy jog at night or go for a swim in the morning. There are so many fun exercises that you two can do together and help each other out and even strengthen your bond. Instead of ordering food and going out to eat, you can also start preparing your healthy, homemade meals. Meals you make can be healthy and delicious — don’t let commercials fool you that you need something special to prepare a healthy and tasty dinner! Try it out. You might enjoy it, and remember — it’s never too late!

How to Enjoy Both 

Eating out and ordering food every day is fun, exciting, and definitely easier than making it yourself. But, it isn’t the healthiest option. We know how annoying it can be to prepare food every day, but it can be fun as well. That is if your partner and you do it together. It’s all up to the two of you to make it exciting. For example, you can make it a dinner date where you two cook for each other. By making food for yourselves, you are in control of how many calories and carbs are in your meal. That is great when you are trying to lose weight! Here are some more benefits of cooking for yourself.

Now, you can still eat well and look good just by adjusting a few things here and there. For example, you can stop eating outside as much as you used to. Also, you can start preparing your meals at least once a day from now on. That way, you can eat more because you know exactly what’s inside and won’t have to worry about excess carbs and calories. 

Another thing is exercising daily. You get to burn a lot of calories, and it can be something you do together with your partner. You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. There are a bunch of exercises you can do at home with just your body or little equipment you have around the house. Heck, there is even one exercise that you two can do in a bedroom together that helps burn some calories!

To Conclude

So, with a better diet and regular exercise, you won’t only make yourself look better but also feel better. It’s a well-known fact that a good diet and exercise help with physical and mental well-being. Now, the two of you can go and push each other and help each other stay on the track and aim for the same goal — a better and healthier lifestyle. 

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