This Just In — Men Who Can Cook Are Sexy

Do Women Really Desire Men Who Cook?

Guys, great news! You don’t have to bend over backward trying to be funny because you’ve heard that girls like funny dudes. Yup, drop that Chandler Bing-induced, Andy Samberg-perpetuated, no-good myth down the drain because there’s a new way to get your Monica! All you have to do is learn how to cook!

Oh, wait, but that’s harder, no? Not really. To be a hilarious guy, you have to have a stellar sense of humor and comedic timing. That’s not exactly something you can learn. Cooking, on the other hand, is a “practice makes perfect” thing. Not to mention, every guy will try to be funny (and fail miserably, usually), but not many will grab a spatula and try to find their way around a kitchen. So why not dare to be different?

Times Are Changing

But cooking is such a girly thing,” we hear you say. First of all, there’s no room for such heteronormative gender roles in today’s society. Both men and women are equally welcome and expected in the kitchen. That “Go make me a sammich” type of attitude is a mark of an immature man, so we advise you to drop it.

Second of all, if you ever run into Gordon Ramsey, we dare you to call his life’s calling a “girly thing.” Take a look at famous restaurants and cooking shows that are flooding our TV and streaming channels. They’re chock-full of men chefs. Now, that’s saying something, right?

Of course, we’re not trying to deny that for centuries, women have ruled the kitchen. Back then, when women were mostly stay-at-home moms and wives, they were in charge of every meal during the day.

However, back then, they couldn’t work or own a bank account in their own names. Thankfully, times have changed, and along with them, so have gender roles. Now, men who can cook and do it often are the definition of the “full package.”

A sexy man cooking is bound to get more ladies to swoon after him than a man who is adamant that he doesn’t know his way around a kitchen (especially if he adds that the kitchen is a female domain).

Cooking Is Sexy

There’s a plethora of reasons cooking is sexy. First of all, it’s sensual. You’re basically providing nourishment with your own bare hands for the person that you love (or are trying to seduce). And you know what they say about a man who’s handy (wink-wink)!

When you cook for your partner, you’re taking the time to create something more than a simple meal. Even if you are indeed making a simple meal, you’re creating a sensual atmosphere. Everything will work in your favor (especially if you cook in a button-up shirt with your sleeves rolled up).

Cooking is sexy because it shows that you care enough to put energy, thought, and skill into making something from scratch for the other person. It’s an insight into your creativity and thoughtfulness. Women can’t resist a thoughtful man, trust us!

Of course, eating goes hand in hand with cooking. If you play your cards right (and plan your menu with some thought), you’ll be able to hand-feed your partner and see them enjoy every bite. Sex and food have always been interconnected, so why not bank on that?

It’s a Great Way to Break the Ice

Since we live in the age of Tinder, where connections and conversations happen in the blink of an eye, we need to do our best to make a great impression from the get-go. That’s why conversation starters are something we’re always on the lookout for.

Now, there are but a few ice breakers that are better than “I can cook you an amazing dinner and an even better breakfast.

Sure, it might be presumptuous, but nine out of ten times, it will at least intrigue the other party. If nothing else, the girl will ask what dishes are your favorite. That’s a make-or-break moment for you — tickle her imagination with a dish that she can’t get elsewhere, and she’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand (metaphorically and literally, if that’s your thing).

The Future of Cooking Is Male (Or at Least It Should Be)

Once upon a time, every woman’s dream was to put warm food on a table, fix a neat gin and tonic, and greet her husband when he comes back from work.

OK, maybe not every woman’s dream, but it was a widespread reality of many women. Unfortunately, now that the women are coming back home at the same time as men (because they also have jobs), they are still expected to provide hot meals and keep the house in order.

Not only is this unfair, but it’s also unrealistic, which is why many women dream of having their significant other cook for them.

If you’re a man who knows how to cook, that can be your biggest selling point. “If you were my wife, I’d cook for you every night, baby!” has a special kind of ring to it, believe us!

Women love imagining their future with a new beau, so why not paint a picture for her and tell her about all the dishes you’d gladly prepare for her? All she has to do is sit tight with a nice glass of wine and watch you dominate the kitchen.

Romance Starts (and Ends) in the Kitchen

Treating your other half to a nice meal in a fancy restaurant is a nice date idea. However, making that nice meal yourself is much better.

It’s more romantic because it’s private. What’s more, if you’ve made the dinner with your own two hands, she’ll appreciate it more (since it was made with love).

This is actually a great way to be super romantic while on a budget. Fine dining doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg if you can cook. All you have to do is invest in the ingredients and of course, learn how to cook to begin with.

If your partner always wanted to try French cuisine, but you can’t afford to take her out, Google the Coq au Vin recipe and turn your apartment into little Paris for the evening. Play some Édith Piaf (or something less depressing) and offer a selection of (affordable) French vines. She’ll never forget that date!

Remember, couples who eat together stay together. Alright, we might have changed that famous idiom a bit, but we’re not wrong. Learning to cook will be one of the best moves you made in your entire adult life. You can thank us in your wedding vows!

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