Guide to Metal Butt Plugs

To many, butt plugs are an essential item in any anal training kit. Unlike other toys for anal play, like anal beads or dildos, butt plugs pleasure by staying inside (no removal) for an extended period. As such, it’s essential to utilize body-safe materials when manufacturing them. When making high-quality butt plugs, manufacturers mostly use non-porous materials as they are easy to clean and don’t collect pockets of bacteria. Most common non-porous ones are:

  • Glass butt plugs
  • Silicone plugs
  • Metal plugs

Out of these three sex toy materials, the one that will probably provide you with the most intense sensation is metal. People usually think that a metal butt plug for beginners is a no-go, but they can use this toy as well. So why are metal plugs different from others? Let’s find out.

Metal Butt Plugs Are the Most Durable and Intense

There’s a reason metal butt plugs are on the pricier side. They have to use high-end material to make them body-safe. You have to use aluminum, titanium, or stainless steel butt plugs. The good side is that you can use any type of lubricant on them, and by that, we mean silicone-based lube. Silicone lube is the best as it’s the most durable, but you can’t apply it on silicone plugs — you have to use water-based lube on them.

The biggest advantage of metal butt plugs is that the material is heavy. Unlike silicone, it isn’t flexible and doesn’t have any give. As such, instead of the toy adjusting to your butt, here, there’s no compromise. Your ass will have to do all the work, which results in much more intense orgasms. Butt plugs work two ways: they offer prostate stimulation, and they put pressure on your nerve endings. Both of these things pleasure you. Since metal plugs aren’t flexible, they’ll stimulate your nerves most powerfully!

Furthermore, metal is the most durable material out of all, and your metal toys will last much longer.

Metal Butt Plugs Are Also OK for Beginners

While they’re not as giving as silicone toys, that doesn’t mean metal plugs are for experts only. You can use them even if you’re just starting out. The crucial thing for a newbie is not the material itself (as long as it’s body-safe), but the size of the toy. You have to start with something that your body can handle. There are small metal plugs on offer that can be your starting point, and, as time goes on, you can make your way to bigger ones.

What’s more, metal butt plugs offer you the opportunity to experience some other sensations on top. For instance, you can place electronics in them so that they work as a remote control prostate massager. And if you want to spice it up a little, metal plugs are ideal for temperature play. What’s that? That’s when you make your toy colder or warmer to get a more intense sensation. Usually, metal toys will be on the colder side in regular room temperature conditions. If you don’t appreciate that, you can put the toy in warm water for a few minutes to get it where you want it to be.

Butt Plug Description and Types

All butt plugs, regardless of the material, (should) have the same design. They all start with a tapered tip. It’s vital to know the difference between a pointy tip, as you can insert the tapered one with more ease. On top of that, it won’t hurt. From the tip, the plug spherically spreads into a bulb shape, widening your anal canal along the way. That spreading is what causes the desired effect. When it widens enough to fill out its diameter, the plug goes back and thins out by the neck of it. The tiny neck will be just at the entry point to allow your butthole muscles to relax and snap back in place. This part is essential as those muscles are the ones that keep our butts tight and functioning.

After that, there’s a flared base. This part of the toy doesn’t go inside. Instead, it sticks outside so that you could put a finger around it and pull the toy out. Without such a base, saving private Ryan would be a difficult job.

Usually, all butt plugs have this universal design. The rest of it comes to additional fantasies you may or may not have. For instance, there are jeweled butt plugs, which contain a jewel at the base. That way, you can wear a plug as a piece of jewelry. Alternatively, if you’re into animal play, there are tail butt plugs. When you insert one of these, there will be an animal tail (of your choosing) sticking out of your butt!

Choosing a Metal Butt Plug

When deciding on a metal butt plug, you should think about your experience level and the goal you’re trying to achieve. If you’re a newcomer to this world, you have to start small. When you experience pain, that’s an indication you’re doing something wrong, and you should go for something even tinier. Obviously, with experience, you will be able to go for something bigger.

Then, think about how you see yourself using this. As we’ve mentioned, there are jeweled and tail butt plugs for a bit of roleplay. Additionally, there are vibrating plugs for further sensations, ones that incorporate a cock ring if you have a cock to put one around, or even some extreme butt plugs. It is also equally important to purchase your butt plugs from a well-established store like This way, you can ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

Butt Plug Buying Tips

Metal is a fantastic material when it comes to anal plug insertion. However, you have to be careful that the toys consist only of body-safe metal. As we’ve already said, the best metals for your body are titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum. That’s why they’re more expensive than other plugs. You have to make sure these are the types you buy as cheaper metal plugs often contain chrome-plated alloys. These can cause a mess, so be careful.

As for the toy’s design, it’s all up to your liking. Just make sure you buy at least a few tubes of lube when purchasing your plug. One can never have enough lube, and you don’t want to run out mid-way through!

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