Reasons why purple dildos are going to be your next BFFs

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Are you bored of regular skin-colored dildos and looking for something new in life? Gone are the days when the concept of “dildo” was only limited to run-of-the-mill skin toned phallic structures. The adult toy industry is a fast evolving space that loves to experiment with various shapes, sizes and certainly colors. And when it comes to shades, purple wins as the new favorite for modern dildos today.

Something different from the rest

Purple is not really your regular shade. It commands a strong presence but is never as loud as red. There is a certain air of sobriety about the color yet without losing out on the quotient of playfulness. So, a purple dildo is always a treasure that every girl would love to own. No wonder, it’s fast becoming a favorite BFF of cool women who love to indulge in dildo sessions.

Top purple dildos

Here is a sneak peek into some of the best purple dildos you may check out this year:

Purple Rain

One of the most sought-after purple dildos, Purple Rain is quite a thing. It comes with 6” insertable length which makes it a fantastic option for beginners. If you are just starting out in the dildo scene and looking for a stylish yet comfortable toy, Purple Rain would be a great choice.

Another great thing about Purple Rain is that it’s crafted from unadulterated platinum-cured silicone which is free of phthalates and also completely body-safe. Mention must be made of the dildo’s slight curve that helps with excellent G-spot stimulation. Besides, the dildo comes with a handy suction cup in tow. So, if you are ever in the mood of hands-free dildo play, count on Purple Rain.

Added to all these great features, Purple Rain is easily compatible with fuck machines and multiple strap-on mounts.

Carter Dildo (Purple)

Carter has released a bunch of dildos in eclectic range of colors and the purple dildo is one of the most popular of them.

If you are looking for a tried and tested dildo which has proved to satisfy its users to the T, this posable dildo from Carter will be your top pick. Crafted with the perfect girth (2.0”), this dildo has been able to impress both women and men with equal élan. Put simply, if you are one of those who crave for a solid girth, look no further than Carter’s posable dildo. In regard to length, the dildo comes with a 7.5” insertable length which makes it a great option for those who want a large dido.

Apart from amazing girth and length, the Carter dildo also promises a safe play. It’s firm yet soft which means less risks of friction. You can use it for P-spot and G-spot stimulations alike and the results would always be rewarding.

It’s to stress here the Carter dildo is made from double-density platinum silicone. It’s a non-porous material which makes it a breeze to clean and maintain. You do have a really hygienic material here.

You can also use the Carter purple dildo with fuck machines and strap-ons. So, if you are ever in the mood for some hands-free play, this dildo will be the toy for you.

Last but not the least, apart from vaginal stimulation, the Carter dildo is also great for anal stimulation.

Signature Purple Dragon Dildo

Do you have a fetish for fantasy dragon dildos? Oh, boy! such powerful girth and length are hard to come by with regular dildos. And here is a great news if purple is your new favorite. Leading adult toy maker Signature has recently come up with an awe-inspiring Purple Dragon Dildo which is sure to add a new zing to your dildo sessions. Whether you wish to enjoy it solo or with partner, this Signature Purple Dildo will be a winner both ways.

The dildo commands a special mention with its huge purple shaft with ridges at the top to create a natural feel. The base is green and dotted with slightly elevated patterns. The good news is this Purple Dragon Dildo is available in 3 different collections- Small, Medium and Large. The Small one comes with an insertable length of 5.8” which makes it a great option for beginner dildo users. The insertable length of the Medium one is 7.5”. This one will be cool if you are used to regular large dildos.

And finally, you have the Large Signature Purple dildo. With a massive insertable length of 9.4”, this one is certainly not for the faint of hearts. However, it’s also not abnormally big. So, if you have been playing with large dildos for a while, you may surely give it a try.

The dildo is completely handmade from platinum silicone which assures  completely body-safe and hypoallergenic use.

Wrapping up

So, you have quite a list of some of the best purple dildos available in the contemporary adult toy industry. The best part is purple dildos today are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate every level of user out there. Whether you are a beginner or about to graduate to large dildos or have been using large dildos for a while, there are amazing purple dildos for all.

However, make sure to buy your purple dildo from a reputed adult toy store only. You have many regular online retailers selling dildos today but not all of them can be trusted. A lot of customers have complained about fake products in these stores. So, be careful- when it comes to something that involves your body, you just can’t take any risk.

In regards to dildo materials, make sure to go for a one which is soft on the body, hypoallergenic and strictly made with body-safe components just like what is being offered by LG.

Finally, irrespective of the size and color of dildo you use, you should be extremely particular about proper lubrication. But, if you are using a silicone dildo, do not use a silicone lube. On the other hand, water-based lubes would be great for most of the dildo materials.

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