Sex Toys for Purple Lovers

Purple Hearts

It’s no secret that purple represents royalty all over the world. Since the color was so expensive and luxurious back in the day, the only people who could afford violet objects, clothes, or ornaments were of rich aristocratic background. This shortage in supply left us with the impression that the color itself represents something special.

Usually placed between red and blue in the color spectrum, purple symbolizes mystery, luxury, feminine power, and elegance. Therefore, it’s easy to see why so many people tend to opt for it as their chosen color. Even if we’re talking about adult toys here, violet cock rings or butt plugs almost always catch the eye of the users more often than other colors.

Even if we’ve associated this color with feminine symbolism, both sex toys for men and women tend to sell better if they’re purple. Interestingly enough, shades of violet still intrigue human eyes. Floating around like some divine light, they offer a somewhat otherworldly experience.

But big words aside, purple is fudging awesome as heck!

Appeals to Purple Lovers

Our society often links positive traits and mannerisms with people involved with the color purple. Like we’ve said, queens and kings of old wore purple, which makes people associate the shade with nobility, wisdom, and domination. But even if people who love violet don’t share those ideals, they shine with mystery and uniqueness among the rest.

And once we combine these ideas with sex, we’ve got ourselves some high-intensity stuff right here. You see, sexual intercourse and fetishes always benefited from some kinky high-society stuff. Whether it’s about dressing up smartly or doing some perverted stuff, violet bed sheets and dildos go like milk and cookies.

Therefore, if you’re into this stuff, your local sex toy store is bound to be loaded with purple gadgets, devices, and many other products. Once again, they won’t be solely for girls — some of the best male sex toys come in a violet shade. It’s aristocratic, empowering, as well as gentle and feminine.

Some Sex Toys but in Purple Color

Nowadays, it’s practically impossible not to find a toy in the color of your choosing. Most products are customizable, just like your smartphone cases; hence, you’ll easily find the device you’re looking for.

Long gone are the days of sterile, gray, black, or simple pink dildos and vibrators. You can make yourself a full-blown rainbow collection. Just imagine a set of butt plugs, clitoral stimulators, even cock rings, hanging around on your table (floor), shining in various shades and pigments.

Pretty cool, we’d say! But since we’re here to talk violet, people, let’s mention some cool magenta stuff you could easily find in any “sex toy near me store.” Don’t worry; it’ll be fun! (wink-wink)

Purple covers toys of all sorts. One can enjoy a pretty standard silicone dildo or go high-tech with a smart prostate massager. The variety is rather plentiful, allowing people interested in magenta toys to pick whatever they like.

Strap-On Purple Dildo

Lovense (well-known for premium-quality devices) has a fantastic strap-on purple dildo/harness for all lovers of violet who like getting pegged from behind. This strap-on will do the job, whether it’s a girl-on-girl action or a kinky role reversal kink for couples. It’s pretty straightforward in design and easy to put on, so it’s a no-brainer if you’re into such kinks.

Unlike mechanical prostate stimulators, strap-on toys are way more human if you can say that. By allowing females to enjoy a straight male role, strap-on holders will make it way more realistic than any machine ever could. And once you add purple into the equation, you’re in for some kinky aristocratic fucking, known only to secret and mysterious elite societies.

Well, OK. We won’t go into full-on wacko territory here, but that could be an exciting concept to base your roleplay around. You know… some funky stuff done in ivory towers… behind luxurious gates and walls.

Purple Vibrators

But if you’re solo (and that’s cool), it would be smart to think about some toys made for self-pleasure. So when it comes to masturbation, what more could one want than a badass purple vibrator?! Yeah, something in line with the famous “Womanizer” sex toy. Hence, we’d recommend — “The Amazing,” made by Goliate.

The intensity, options it offers, and the design of the device scream premium product! It’s no wonder why they chose to name it the way they did. The way it stimulates your clit will last long in your memory, making it even more memorable than your old crush.

But this toy is not the only vibrator we’d like to mention here. We’ve decided to offer you a bit more of a choice when dealing with purple gadgets.

The classic magenta G-spot stimulator is a cheap and affordable alternative in a lovely violet shade. Most importantly, it’s body-safe and easy to clean. Also, it gets the job done and makes it look as easy as one, two, three.

Ribbed Purple Dildo

What would a purple sex toy list look like if we didn’t include a ribbed dildo? Well, yeah, it’s a rhetorical question — no need to answer it, violet lovers.

A purple ribbed dildo with a G-spot stimulator is all one could ask for. Not only will it make the walls of your vagina or anus tingle way more, but it’ll also stimulate the famous and mythical spot inside of you, guaranteeing a quality orgasm. I mean, just look at this beautiful purple dildo from LG!

“Maia Porpora Swirly” has all of the above. It’s a silicone, body-safe toy with a suction cup on the bottom, allowing it to stick to a surface of your choice. It stays firm even in showers, making it an excellent companion in the tub.

Also, with some water-based lube, anal play isn’t out of the question, save for some preparation beforehand. In the end, everyone could enjoy it — both girls and boys. 

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