Kitchen sex or bedroom sex: Which one is better?

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Let’s get one thing straight from the start: sex is great, no matter where. You can do it in the comfort of your home or the back alley, and it can still be an unforgettable experience. Talking about locations in the context of carnal pleasures, therefore, isn’t the biggest of debate topics.


However, there comes a time when regular places just don’t work anymore. Couples need to spice things up from time to time. And aside from using sex toys, the best way to go about it is to experiment with where you have actual intercourse.


You can have sex inside a car, in the back of your local theater, or a public restroom — it doesn’t matter. All these locations can work. But how about doing it in your kitchen? Is it better than on the mattress where you sleep? Well, let’s find out.

Why People Prefer Bedroom Sex

Before we explain why some couples love to do the deed where they prepare food, we need to mention the obvious. Namely, people enjoy sex in the bedroom due to numerous reasons. For instance, bedrooms have beds — obviously — and they are the most comfortable surface in any home or apartment to lay down and enjoy most sex positions.

Also, sex in the bedroom makes perfect sense because it’s where we sleep. Nine out of ten couples have fun in the sack before or after sleep. Either way, both options are great as you don’t have to convince each other. You just snuggle next to your partner and start rubbing against them, and they’ll understand what you’re getting at.


Another reason why bedroom and sex go hand-in-hand concerns couples with kids. With them running around the house, moms and dads don’t have much privacy. The only place where they can do it is in their bedroom. That’s, of course, if they forbid their young ones from entering the room without knocking first.

Why Should You Try Kitchen Sex

As we’ve said already, there comes a time in every couple’s relationship when they need something new and exciting. Be it the inclusion of sex toys, new positions, or sex at the least obvious place, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that does, in fact, is that they change things and keep progressing as a twosome. One such solution is sex in the kitchen.


The difference between kitchen and bedroom sex is pretty obvious. The kitchen is a place where you prepare meals and make coffee, and, in turn, it needs to be clean. Sex, as we all know, is a pretty messy affair, if you get what we mean. However, doing it in the kitchen provides couples with numerous possibilities, from positions to utensil inclusion.


The most common way of fucking in the kitchen is either on the kitchen table or one of the appliances or surfaces. Namely, the lady of the house sits on one of them, and her partner slams her, facing her directly in the eyes. While doing so, they can add some food (peanut butter or chocolate) to spice things up or slap each other with cutlery.

Disadvantages of Having Sex in the Bedroom

Although all this sounds fun and exciting, why would anyone move away from the comfort of their bedroom? Why should you risk breaking expensive kitchen appliances or hurting yourself with utensils? Yep! Those are normal questions to have. But fucking in the bedroom has disadvantages just as well.


The main problem with having sex in the bedroom is that it can get boring. Sure enough, even intercourse can become dull if you keep going about it the same way over and over again. Hence, that’s why you should seek a change of scenery. Yet, that’s not the only issue you might have with fucking in your bed.


Another reason people seek sexual adventures outside their bedrooms is the lack of positions they can engage in while laying down. Even if most great ones include a bed, numerous others require higher surfaces. The most obvious one is the half-seated V — the woman sits on the kitchen island, legs wrapped around her partner’s lower back.

Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Sex Experience

In case you’re looking to transfer your sex life to the kitchen, we can think of three easy ways to make it better than in your bedroom. Firstly, we should explain the half-seated V position a bit better. The female partner sits on the kitchen counter, with her face facing her partner. As she’s sitting like that, the male enters her while he’s standing. Simple, right?

Another way to improve your kitchen experience is to use cutlery as sex toys. Although it might sound a bit off, it’s actually a great way to explore some light BDSM. For example, you can use wooden spoons for spanking. You can, additionally, use ice cubes from your fridge for some temperature play. But that’s not all you can do with your refrigerator.


A great kitchen sex position is the standing doggy. The thing that makes it a kitchen position is that the female faces the fridge while her partner penetrates her from behind. As she leans into the appliance, the coolness of the fridge will further stimulate her body. It works best if you have a stainless-steel refrigerator, but even modern, more plastic ones will work.

Be Careful of These Things

Regardless of how cool fucking on the kitchen counter sounds after all this talk, we need to mention some safety tips. The first and obvious one is that you don’t fool around if your partner is cooking. Not only will the two of you ruin the meal, but you might also burn yourselves, and that’s not cool.


On the other hand, if you try out wooden-spoon BDSM, you should also be careful. Although most people associate this kink with extremism, it doesn’t have to be like that. Actually, to practice it the way it’s meant to, you should always have caution on your mind. The same goes if you start spanking each other or participating in temperature play.


The third thing that comes to mind when talking about kitchen sex safety is hygiene. And no, we’re not just talking about cleaning after you’re done. You need to make sure your naked bodies and genitals, especially, don’t come in contact with the likes of sugar, salt, or hot spices. All these can induce allergic reactions and an overall unpleasant experience.

Sex Afterthoughts

No matter where you practice sexual activities, it should come down to one thing, and one thing only. Sex should always be pleasant. You can have intercourse anywhere you like, as long as it’s consensual and doesn’t bother others. And if your idea is to do it on the kitchen counter, well, go on — just do it. Just keep safety in your mind.


Of course, you don’t have to have kitchen sex just because it sounds cool. If you try it, and it doesn’t go the way you want it to, head back to your bedroom. Moreover, take your dirty imagination to some other parts of your home. For example, shower sex can be just as good if not better than all others. But no matter the location, don’t forget to have fun.

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